Meet Miss Gluten Free

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I have always had the most amazing, knee-knocking, can’t take your mind off of it, deeply passionate love affair with food. It’s my drug of choice. My name is Chelsea Cooley and I’m addicted to food. Like a moth to a flame. Like a crack addict waiting for the next hit. I’m always thinking about food. While shoving breakfast in, I’m already planning lunch. When I was 10, I’d come home from school and devour an entire bag of Soft Batch cookies. As Miss USA, I was dubbed, “Miss Piggy USA,” thanks to my emotional overeating. So naturally you can imagine when I found out I was Gluten Intolerant, a part of me died.

Mind you, I had been INSANELY sick for a year and a half and was swimming in medical bills trying to decipher what in the world was wrong with me. Relieved I finally had an answer? Heck yeah! The first time I sat down at a restaurant and couldn’t find not one single thing to eat……devastating.

I’ve been Gluten Free now since October 2011. I’ve had many mishaps, eaten horribly gluten free food, created some scrumptious GF dishes of my own and have learned to live, laugh and somewhat love the GF life. So I’m here to share my story, offer tips and advice, have an open forum to discuss all things Gluten and share my fav products and recipes to any and all out there living just like me.




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